HomeCon+ Programming Direction (December 21 - January 16) 


Hi HomeCon+ Athletes!


We have a new training cycle starting on Monday. As the programmer, communication of the intent and direction of the training cycle is something important in the Coach-Athlete Relationship. Clear transparency of programming allows us to share the “whys” and “hows” of our method; it also allows you to see a high-level view of how each piece fits in the broad theme. 


We shall start by laying out the outcomes of this HomeCon+ Training Cycle and how we intend to achieve them.


Key Outcomes


Outcome 1: Enhancing strength in a balanced approach 

  1. Use of simple linear progressions to create a strength adaptation

  2. Utilize unilateral movement to supplement and support bilateral movements 


Outcome 2: Developing our capacity in a wide range of conditioning based activities

  1. Program conditioning pieces of various durations, loading, stimuli, and movement modalities


Outcome 3: Improving our functional health and wellness

  1. Select exercises that allow us to improve joint health and integrity 

  2. Practice exercises that take through active ranges of motion 


Weekly Training Structure 


Considering those outcomes, we have set out to create this weekly training format. 


Note: Friday will be a hybrid day. You have the option to choose from a strength and conditioning option or a pure strength option for that day. If you feel like you need extra work on strength (or conditioning), you can select the session aligned with your needs! Do not do both! 



We will have 2 main strength movements for this cycle (1. Back Squat 2. Deadlift). Each main movement will be progressed week by week using various “progression paths” depending on your level as an athlete and your access to equipment. We have 3 progressions to choose from. 


  1. Limited Equipment | Volume Path 

  2. Limited Equipment | Load Path 

  3. Full Equipment | Load Path


A link to the master sheet will be posted on WODup. Please have a look and create a copy of that file. 


The upper body and lower body strength segments will be compound movements done at moderate to high rep ranges. Also, we will have optional isolation segments (curls, raises, etc.) if you feel the need to add these to your program.



Our conditioning pieces will make use of a wide spectrum of durations, formats, and intentions to build a balanced well performing engine. Here is how we program our conditioning pieces with the following stimulus in mind.




Our primary skill-based day will be on Thursday. During this day we would like to home in the following skills 


  1. Rope Skills - Double Under/Single Under Development 

  2. Gymnastic Skills - Improving body awareness and movement efficiency for bodyweight based movements

  3. Barbell/Dumbbell Cycling - Improving coordination, efficiency, and technique of connecting multiple reps of Barbell/Dumbbell based movements at light-moderate loads 


We will note down focal points for each skill being developed. For any high skill movements, we encourage our athletes to take videos and send them over - we want to help you improve!


If you have any questions regarding the program or need additional assistance, please reach out to your coaches! 


Happy Training! 


- Coach Juls


Habitat Barbell Club Programming Direction (December 21 - January 16) 

Hi Habitat Barbell Club Team!


This week we are starting a new training cycle. We believe that communication of the intent and direction of the training cycle is important in establishing a better understanding of the program as well as building a coach-athlete relationship. In doing so, we hope that establishing transparency in the program will help shape your goals and focus as you approach each training day. Take note, that it’s important to log your notes and results so that we can provide you feedback regarding your training and progress!

Weekly Training Structure


Here is how our weekly training schedule will look like for this cycle:


Monday - Snatch Positional Work + Back Squat


Wednesday - Clean & Jerk Complex + Accessory


Friday - Snatch Variant + Clean & Jerk Variant + Pulling 


Day To Day Specifics


Here, we will provide a quick description of each training day’s segments

Snatch Positional Work


  • Lifts, pause work, tempo work, or complexes from different positions of the snatch (e.g. above the knee, mid thigh, below the knee, floor, etc.), the objective of which is strengthen and maintain these positions and translate them to the full variants of the lift as well develop understanding in balance, positioning,and timing


Clean & Jerk Complex


  • Complex work involving variants of the clean & jerk. Accumulation of volume and exposure to variants of the lift will develop consistent movement patterns which will translate to sound technique at near maximal loads.

Snatch + Clean & Jerk Variants


  • Performing both lifts in the same day serves two main purposes. First, it allows more frequency of the movements to allow more opportunities for strength and/or technique development. Second, by performing both lifts (or its variant) on the same day, we simulate a test of your abilities (just like an actual meet) and from there establish our strengths and weaknesses which will help provide you with an understanding of what needs to be worked and how to progress from each week. 


Happy Training!

- Coach Paddy