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  • Best Value

    HomeCon PLUS

    Perfect for those with limited to full equipment!
    Valid for one month
    • HomeCon Basic plus BONUS workouts!
    • A more extensive Strength & Conditioning program
    • Includes additional Strength/Conditioning/Auxiliary pieces
    • Unlimited LIVE Zoom Classes
    • Access to an exclusive group for coach's feedback & support
  • Thrive Program

    A 45-day online program, minimal/no equipment needed!
    • A 45-day program that will give you results!
    • Comes with video demos and workout notes!
    • Complete from Warm Up to Cool Down
    • Main Segments are BUILD (strength) and BURN (conditioning).
    • You'll only need a weighted bag and a towel
  • HomeCon Custom

    For those with specific goals and targets!
    Valid for one month
    • Fully customized program to cater to your fitness goals
    • Dedicated coach for programming and guidance
    • Freeform schedule -- i.e. how many workouts a week
    • Suited to fit what equipment you have available
    • Can be adjusted whenever you wish
  • HomeCon Basic

    Perfect for anyone who has at least 1 dumbbell!
    Valid for one month
    • BASIC program
    • 5x/week Strength & Conditioning
    • No Zoom Classes
  • HC PLUS Class Pass

    An add on for those on HomeCon Basic
    Valid for one week
    • Access to the Zoom class for 1 session