Member Feature: Moe Buensalido

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What's your favorite part about Habitat Fitness?

"The coaches and their programming. (Puwede bang one lang yon haha.) Sure, if you want to work out at home, you can download an app or pick WODs that you see from an athlete's (or ~fitfluencer's~) IG account. But with Habitat, you can trust that you have some thoughtful, capable, and competent people creating pathways for your increased strength, endurance, and overall fitness. They're not just random workouts; the coaches know the science and logic behind muscle and movement, and have taken that into careful consideration when creating the workouts. At the same time, however, they always try to cascade it to the members in a way we can understand and appreciate. Even back in the box, the coaches always took the time to explain the basics, and now, especially with limited equipment and options, they never fail to explain the reasoning why we do certain movements. (Bale, kahit hirap na hirap na ako mag-row, ALAM KO NAMAN IKABUBUTI KO TO. Sigh huhu when do they get easier guyz.) Plus, they've taken the time to consider a lot of scaling or substitution options, as most of us don't have a full gym at home, and yet we never feel shortchanged.

The coaches are also incredibly understanding and generous with their time, knowledge, encouragements and feedback. They never just run classes, but they really do, in every sense, coach. Despite keeping an bird's eye view of the class, they always seem to keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind, so they know how to recommend the right weights or rep range for you, or suggest what to focus on given where you are in your journey. They will probably know this but I always have a stupid question to ask during the group class or a clarification on Wod Up, and they never make me feel bad for my slow brain cells and are always there to respond. Of course, the atmosphere that they foster is also very community-centric and family-like, true to the name Habitat. So failures and setbacks never feel as crippling. Of course, I always appreciate na kahit mukhang namamatay na ako--well, I expect may slight judgement pa rin kahit papaano--they remain very encouraging. Also, thank you for not being mad when I need to go to the bathroom before a class.

(It also helps that the box is like 5 mins away from my house HEHE)"

What was the hardest part of reaching your fitness goals?

"Di ko alam e, di ko pa naaabot LOL. Tsaka TBH what are my goals except to survive, lalo na ngayong ~ Master ~ na ako HAHAHA

I guess nowadays, with the pandemic looming over our heads, the challenge is staying motivated, especially now when you have limited ways to move and improve. Since we're all at home, all aspects of our life are permeating into each other so it's hard to carve out that mindset, space and time just for ""training."" Sometimes there's so much work that hinihigop na niya yung soul and energy ko hahaha. I guess now my goals are just to not feel so sluggish when I work out and maintain conditioning (kasi for sure strength nabawasan na, pero okay lang), so hopefully I am able to work on that.

Thankfully (o diba) Habitat was able to adjust and try their best to address these challenges! With their new programming, I don't feel as bad when I have off days. And I try my best to not miss any Zoom classes, and make that part of a routine."

What motivates you?


Seeing little bits of progress and improvements in my ability and capability!

(Sabi nga ni Mat Fraser, ""I don't wanna think I'm getting better. I wanna know it"" HAHAHAHAHA JOKE LANG)"

How has Habitat Fitness changed your lifestyle?

"Once upon a time, I would have said I now get up at 6AM but not anymore huhu IMY 630AM.

I think the biggest change is the way I regard fitness. It's really not about your dress size or waistline, but your body's ability to function. Humans all are capable of doing so many things from climbing mountains to running away from zombies, but instead of focusing on maintaining and nourishing our bodies to allow us to do these, a lot of people are only in the gym to keep the weight down or get abs. I'm usually petrified of the things we have to do (""SORRY HOW MANY BURPEES?"") but I'm always amazed (and thankful) when I'm able to break through AND NOT DIE. When you learn how to face (and pace yourself in) grueling workouts, you get better in handling hardships in life too. (Wow, life lesson, ang taray.)

But aside from life lessons, there are more benefits that you get outside the box. Again, climbing mountains and running away from zombies are two things you can do, but also carrying your nieces and nephews, carrying your Mom's shopping bags, and unloading crates from the car. Movement can really be medicine, and as I've said before, Habitat allows and encourages me to take care of myself to fully enjoy and explore the most out of life."

Words of wisdom/Any tips you'd like to impart on people who aspire to be like you?


Uh, join Habitat? HAHA

BUTTTTT I GUESSSSS to anyone who is interested to be more active, it starts with finding the right activity and the motivation that will really inspire you to get into your activewear. It's not the same with everyone, but while you can, I encourage you to TRY THEM ALL. Use and enjoy your body as much as you can. Do Zumba, climb mountains (sorry, obvious ba miss ko na bundok), try a marathon. Lahat na! Love and honor your body by putting it to good use, and taking care of it. Again, movement is medicine, and once you get moving, you are more inclined to eat right and sleep better.

And while you're at it, please do give Habitat's strength and conditioning a try. Don't let the heavy barbells, gymnastic movements, and strange lingo (like EMOM and WOD) scare you. Habitat's programs are all about helping you unlock your body's potential, and helping you find, define, and reach YOUR OWN fitness goals. Kahit lahat ng coaches namin may abs, hindi mo kailangan ng abs para sumali. All you need is your openness to learn, and to willingness to put in the work. Maybe a pair of dumbells. And a whiteboard. Pero yun na yon."