Member Spotlight: Jeff and Ashley Perry

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

What has been your fitness journey so far as a couple?

We shared fitness interests from the very early days of our 25+ years together. It started with running and weight training, then moved to group fitness, training for and completing a 1/2 marathon, a Tough Mudder and then to CF in the summer of 2017. We’ve been CF geeks ever since.

What keeps you motivated to stay fit and healthy despite being mostly at home due to the pandemic? How do you stay motivated?

Discipline. To be honest, we find motivation to be significantly less valuable than discipline. Motivation is much more cyclical. Jeff works a very tough graveyard schedule.

If he relied on motivation to stay active, he would have dropped off long ago. He only feels motivated 50% of the time, if he’s lucky. However, he sets his mind to doing the work and blocking out his lack of motivation because he knows the work will keep him mentally, spiritually and physically healthy.

As for me, I also must rely on being disciplined. I also do much better when I have specific fitness goals that are achievable and measurable.

I keep my sights on that and then I tell myself that if I want to reach my goal, working out isn’t an option but a must.

How did Habitat (and its coaches) help you in your move in the Philippines?

Habitat proved to us that CrossFit truly is a universal and international fit family. It helped us connect to likeminded, awesome, supportive people quickly when we transferred to Manila. And we can’t say enough for the online support Habitat offered when quarantine hit, particularly the HOMECon+ program and my coaches helped me create those achievable and measurable goals that I need to stay disciplined.

What is your favorite part about Habitat Fitness?

As always, the best part of CF is the community and Habitat has wonderful members and coaches.

Words of wisdom/any tips you’d like to impart on other couples who want to get into fitness together?

Being active together is a great form of intimacy for couples. Being active together and sharing common interests has strengthened our relationship, brought us closer together, and we’ve seen it do the same for many other couples. If it’s not CF, try hiking, walking, running, Zumba, golfing, tennis...whatever physical activity you can do together. Also, if intimidation is keeping you from starting a fitness journey together, just start small and slowly; anyone can do it! And the benefits will keep you healthy into old age together—a much better quality of life!