Q: What is Thrive?

A: Thrive is a 45-day bodyweight only workout program you can perform without any equipment and in the comfort and safety of your very own home.


Q: How much is Thrive?

A: Thrive is priced at P599 for a 45-day program (4x a week workouts, 28 total workouts).


Q: Who is Thrive for?

A: Thrive is for anyone and everyone who have limited to no equipment. It is a program for people who want to start their fitness journey, who want to improve their overall health & fitness, who wants to improve moving their own bodyweight. Whether you’re an advanced, intermediate or beginner athlete, Thrive can work for you.


Q: Why should I purchase Thrive?

A: A lot of people think that working out requires weights but those people neglect the power of being able to move your bodyweight efficiently by squatting, jumping, doing push-ups, sit-ups and the like and how effective they can be to your fitness goals.


Q: I am currently doing another program, can I do the Thrive workouts at the same time?

A: Bodyweight movements have a different effect or stimulus to the body as compared to weighted/resistance movements or other forms of exercise. Since you get all the workouts immediately, you can mix & match the workouts we have with the current program you’re on.


Q: What will I be receiving when I purchase Thrive?

A: You will be receiving a 45-day program. This is 28 workouts with recommended rest days in between. All workouts come with demo videos and coach's notes to help guide you through your workouts!


Q: I am just starting my fitness journey or have not been working out for a long period of time, can I still use Thrive?

A: Yes, of course! Both experienced athletes and those new to exercise can be successful and reap benefits by following Thrive. All workouts come with guides and movement substitutes or options that can be done by anyone and everyone.


Q: How long is a full workout session?

A: An average training session would take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Workouts will include the warm-up, BUILD segment, BURN segment and a cool down stretch.

Q: Can I see improvements with my fitness with just an hour or less per session?

A: Definitely! We at Habitat Fitness believe in the concept of “intensity over volume/quantity”. As long as you follow the intended stimulus or how the workout is supposed to feel, you will definitely notice improvements. Assuming that you are also watching your nutrition, of course.


Q: What makes Thrive different from other online training programs?

A: Other programs require you the use of weights and other equipment while with Thrive, they are very optional (although you may add weights to any of the movements if you wish). The coaches at Habitat Fitness that designed this program have creatively designed it to be a bodyweight program but effective to BUILD that fitness & BURN those calories as well.


Q: Do I have to do all 4 workouts within the same week to benefit from the program?

A: Not necessarily. While we do recommend that you complete the 4 workouts per week as scheduled, depending on the athlete’s capacity, fitness level and schedule it is not necessary to forcefully complete all 4 workouts within a week. We do recommend to complete at least 2-3 workouts in a given week.


Especially with newer athletes who can experience a lot of muscle soreness or fatigue from just 1 workout, you will need to adjust to how your body feels and not force the workout. This is so we can perform the workout with our 100% and avoid injuries or accidents due to overfatigue.


Q: How do I access my Thrive program?

A: All workouts are on our website, under "Thrive Program" on the main menu! Only those who have availed of the Thrive Program may access these pages.


"EMOTM" (Every Minute On The Minute)
⁃ EMOM is a type of interval workout wherein you perform the stated movement/s at the start of each minute. E2MOM means you start the movement/s every two minutes. If you finish the reps and movements before the minute is over, this is considered as REST until the next interval starts.

"AMRAP" (As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible)
⁃ perform as many reps or rounds of the stated movement/s as you can within a pre-determined period of time

⁃ perform the given amount of rounds, movement/s and their corresponding reps as fast as possible within the given time cap.
⁃ If no rounds was indicated, this means that you’re only to perform 1 round of all the movement/s.

⁃ Tempo movements are given out in four numbers representing the duration (in seconds) of different phases during the movement.
⁃ The first number is the lowering phase or the negative
⁃ The second number is the hold at the bottom position
⁃ The third number is the raising phase or lifting phase. There are times where this can be programmed with an “X”, this would be to lift it fast as you can without sacrificing form.
⁃ The fourth number is the hold at the top position
⁃ Example would be 30X2: 3 second descent, No bottom hold, Fast going up, 2 second hold at the top


- perform as many reps as you can with GOOD FORM and without resting for more than 10 seconds in between reps. Once your form starts to break or once you're resting more than 10 seconds, stop and end your set. 

⁃ Perform each movement and reps in the given timeframe, then switch to the other movement for the next timeframe, then keep switching until all sets are completed.

⁃ perform the given amount of reps without breaking or splitting it into sets

⁃ A type of interval workout normally executed as 8 rounds of 20 seconds of WORK and 10 seconds of REST. Total of 4 minutes.
⁃ We changed it up a bit, so follow the program as indicated.